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Battery jump starters are nothing new, but until now, ones that worked well in our tests were sized like a hardcover dictionary powered by heavy lead-acid batteries. While great for car dealers and auto recovery services, these traditional booster packs are too bulky to carry as part of a car emergency kit. But the new generation of mini jump starters tested here use compact lithium-ion batteries.

Most weigh around a pound and are roughly the size of a paperback novel. In addition to jump-starting, these units can also be used to recharge portable devices, such as mobile phones and tablets—a function that makes them a useful part of a home emergency kit, as well. All of the units we tested had at least one built-in USB port, as well as a flashlight, and some had connectors to charge certain types of laptops.


At this point, you’re probably wondering, OK, but where do I start?

When I had my first car I actually purchased a “Portable Power Pack”. And essentially, this was just a sealed battery box, along with a pair of nice, durable what I assume to have been heavy-duty jumper cables that could be used anytime, anywhere. And essentially it did offer this, but with a few drawbacks.

First of all, this is great if you’re just looking to give your current car battery a “jump”, or helping someone else accomplish this. However, if you have a dead battery this will not help, as most alternators require a 12V charge from your current (presumably in this case dead) battery. So, let’s move forward onto the next type for those that might experience a dead battery, or be looking for something a little more sophisticated.

My next investment after trying the portable power pack jump starter was a ‘Plug-in Jump Starter’ (or charger) which essentially allowed me to power my battery between 2 and 10 amps, dependent upon what type you purchase, and the settings it includes. This is where customization comes into play, and why it’s important to explore your options, how they work, and what they’ll provide in a situation that total power delivered matters the most.

Last but not least, there is the more “modern” (albeit expensive) solution of investing in a ‘Jump Box’ which typically includes all the ‘bells and whistles’, extra features, is heavy duty (and often on the larger side), although also the most independent, reliable type of jump starter to use.